Posted by: Amy Walsh | July 11, 2010

Everything ATL…A Little Frog Adventure

I Love a good frog.  And…A Good Frog is Hard to Find.   I have  collected several throughout the years each one has its own story.

The “Frog of Relationships Past”  Tip number 239…when exiting a relationship, keep the frog…leave the prince.  This little guy sits in my foyer.   When I come home open the door there he is.  His leisure pose always reminds me to take time to relax.


The “Hawaiian Frogs”  Handmade from a gourd from the island of Kauai, Hawaii.  Always a great reminder of the beauty of Hawaii and a fun trip.  They always remind me of palm trees, beaches and crystal blue water.

The “Ecuadorian Frog” Handmade out of dried flowers and leaves from South America he’s so tropical.  From my trip to Ecuador, S.A. shopping the markets of the indigenous I had to have this one.  Remembering the low valleys, rivers, beach and driving through mountainous terrain and lush forest.

And…my newest addition…A Beau Smith Copper Frog. “My Greeting Frog”  welcoming me home from long journeys he always reminds me to go have a little fun.  This guy is also a smaller version of the ones you can see at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.  These frogs are hand crafted from copper and aged to give it that blue green color.  No two are alike.  So if you are fortunate enough to find one of these you have something unique and special.

More on Beau Smith’s Frogs to come….

Rule of the fantastic frog fetish is always select a fun frog.  What? no one told you Frog’s are Fun?  Well stay tuned cause I have some cool fun frogs coming your way.



  1. whooa…this is BlogWorthy and quite possibly at the level of FrogShway Lady of the Week…love the relationship intro!!! LOL You should be commenting on Linda Martin’s wall

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