Posted by: Amy Walsh | June 20, 2010

Austin, TX

You know you are in Texas when….

You step off a plan at 10AM during Rodeo Week and see cowboys having BBQ and a beer for breakfast.  Well I guess it’s noon somewhere in the world.  How’d I know they were Cowboys? 

Guess the cowboy hat, boots and belt gave them away.

Traveling to Austin, TX was a real adventure I arrived just in time to tour the city and a local art exhibit.  The great thing about Austin is you can walk anywhere you want within the city.  Austin’s motto, “Keep Austin Weird” is also home of “Austin City Limits” and leaves much to the enclitic adventurer to explore.

Walking through about a mile of art stands weaving in and out of exhibitions this one in particular really drew in the crowd.  The art by Fred Conlon from Salt Lake City, UT.   SUGARPOST is the company name.  The art is made from household items such as wrenches, old army helmets, nails and just about any other metal item you could think of forged together to make very interesting and fun creatures.

The most popular of items the mini Gnome Bearers. 


These creative yard art creatures were cute and funny at the same time and went like hot cakes. 

Art collectors with a heart for the historical.  Lou Michaels of Lofty Vision Studio had one of the best New York steel workers sculpture creations.  I could have looked at it for hours.  Each man in sitting on the beam is different.  I could see where the artist’s vision to capture the story of each worker’s differentiating look and life was brought together in a common engagement.  The building of New York’s infrastructure in the early 1900’s the labor intensity experienced in America’s past and also reminded me of the present economic circumstance and the vision of hope and strength of America.

For the child in you an old favorite “Humpty Dumpty” with a little twist.  Joan of Art Gallery’s Kimber Fiebiger took stage with her Humpty Dumpty collection.  This community of Humpty Dumpty like you’ve never seen before is fun, favorable and gives answers to the age old question what was Humpty Dumpty’s life like after the fall.  Well he is doing well and having the time of his life.  Even Mrs. Dumpty came to the party.

I fell in love with these…

Beyond going to the Art exhibit, there is a lot of great art just around the city.  You see it everywhere…

Historical Landmarks such as the Paramount building…

And Austin’s Capital is a beautiful site.

If you get the chance to visit Austin you’ll notice that it’s pretty unfranchised.  There are an abundance of restaurants, museums, shopping and just an all around good time. 

My favorite Texas ICE-CREAM eatery “Amy’s Ice-Cream.”  They are everywhere, Texas knows good ice-cream.  No I’m not bias of the name…well maybe just a little.  But pick you flavor and add just about anything you want.

There is much more to see.  A little unknown feature of Austin is the bats that live under the Congress Bridge.  Millions (1.5 aprox.) of them that come out at night and is the largest population in North America.  Well you will notice there are virtually no bugs in Austin.  To learn more about the congress bridge bats click here.

Well I hope you enjoyed out little exposé on Austin, Texas.  If you decide to visit pack your sunscreen, hat and sunglasses Austin gets rather warm in the summer months.



  1. How ironic that I get a linked in thing on you the night before I go to Austin! Well I’ll be there soon so looking forward to checking it out. Hope you’re doing great!


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