Posted by: Amy Walsh | April 25, 2010

Everything ATL…GREAT ART!!!

If you missed the Atlanta Dogwood festival and the art exhibits there is still time to connect with the artist community.  If you are a facebooker look up “The Rodi Connection” in Atlanta Ga. “The Rodi Connection is a monthly newsletter designed to connect artists to opportunities in the ATL and beyond. Over 1,100 art interested people in the Atlanta area are current subscribers. The average artist will share each issue with 6 others.”

This group is a bit an underground speakeasy but now that you know…check it out!

Just to give you a taste of what’s on the ATL ART scene and what’s HOT!  One of Atlanta’s star artist, Chris Beck, has taken the art of steele welding to a whole new fabulous level.  These are incredible pieces of artwork see for yourself….

Meet Chris Beck, Atlanta artist.

Meet Chris’s Art….


  • Sarah (Welded Steele and painted)

  • come sunday
    steel, welded and painted, on barnwood

  • welded. painted steel
    modeled after a lakota sioux war bonnet c.1880 smithsonian institute


  • it’s a boot. a steel one…with a brass buckle…but the rest of it is all steel

  • Heart (welded steele)

There are many many more pieces to this breathtaking collection along with paintings.  For more information on Chris and his art contact Allen Rodi at “The Rodi Connection”



  1. OH…I LOVE the Rodi Connection…it’s the BEST resource for info on what’s happening in the ATL Art Scene

  2. Amy: just found this blog today: very cool. I hope you are well!

    Jim L.

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