Posted by: Amy Walsh | April 21, 2010

Everything ATL…Great Food

If you are looking for some great food in Atlanta that is authentic and won’t break your budget.  Here are some notable places that are a little less known but are high on list of fabulous food.

Cuban  If you love Cuban food.  The best place around is Papi’s.  Traditional Cuban Food at a great price.  It’s very casual and very Cuban.  If you speak Cuban Spanish…then…bring it!   The customer service is friendly.  The local bartender may strike up a conversation with you while welcoming every patron in the place.  As well as make you a speciality drink or mojito.  You feel like you just ventured into another world that we Americans are less privileged to.  That is Cuba.  El alimento es fabuloso (The food is Fabulous!)  Located at 216 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA.  Also, check out their website and menu for additional locations.  Click HERE! 

Chinese  The Royal China.   This place is a well kept secret but the best “Dim Sum” around.  If you are curious about what “Dim Sum” is well you are in for a treat.  Dim Sum is a Chinese tradition.  It is about the relationship or the gathering of family and friends to enjoy a meal and the time to just be together.  Dim Sum is small portions of food that servers cart by your table allowing you to choose what you want.  It’s pretty fast.  As soon as you are seated carts start coming by.  You will notice it’s organized and an efficient way to serve food.  No waiting like in traditional restaurants.   Dishes range from rice, noodles, dumplings, veggies, egg tarts etc…you eat while enjoying chinese tea and conversing with friends or family.   English speakers are welcome you don’t have to speak Chinese.  If  you do deceide to venture there some of the food you may not recognize so here is a tip.  My favorites….Sticky rice, pork buns (which is a b-b-q sandwich chinese style), gylon or dou mou (chinese vegetable like spinach), shrimp noodle (long noodle with shrimp inside),  and you will find fried round tarrow root that is fabulous.  Tarrow root has a sweet, potato taste.  For dessert my favorites are egg tarts (they are high calorie), Yellow Bean Bun and Red Bean sesame balls.  There is also,  Do Fu Fa which you will see someone push around what looks like a large round vat.  In it contains tofu they serve it by skimming off the top portion of the tofu and drizzling honey over top.  It is a sweet delight. 

The Royal China  is located “Dim Sum” is only served between 11AM- 2PM.  3295 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd Atlanta, GA 30341 (770) 216-9933

French Au Rendez-Vous Click HERE! for menu and location.  Very off the beaten path is a Fabulous French Cousine place called Au Rendez-Vous in Chamblee, GA about 10 minutes from Lenox Mall in Buckhead, GA.  Be warned it is CASH ONLY!  and it is worth it.  Once you veer off from the commercial world of chains and office buildings you will find yourself in a seemingly residential area.  No worries you in the right place.  You will come to a 4 way stop sign and see a dry cleaners and right next door “Au Rendez-Vous”  Locals flock the place keeping their secret close at heart.  Their crepes are to die for. 

Vietnamese Grill Fusion  COM in Dunwoody, GA.  If you like something different with a lot of flavor this is the place to be.  About 20 minutes north of Atlanta, 5 minutes from Perimeter Mall in Dunwoody is Vietnamese Fusion.  My personal favorite is the make your own spring rolls with beef and asian veggies.  A number of dishes from spicy or not pick your delight from soups, rice, meats veggies it is all different and it is good.

COM is located 5486 Chamblee Dunwoody Rd Atlanta, GA 30338 (770) 512-7410

Southern Cookin’  If you are just looking for some good ‘ol Southern Cookin’  I would suggest visiting my grandmaw but since she may not be able to accommodate thousands of people, even though her southern hospitality would provoke her to try, might i suggest “Mary Mac’s Tea Room.”  It is right close, as we southerners would say, to Papi’s grill.  Mary Mac’s is southern all the way and it dates back to 1945 post WWII era.  If you’ve never tried Pot Likker (said like Pot Lick-er) now is your chance.  They’ll give a small cup portion to taste with corn bread.   They are also known for their country fried steak, black eyed peas, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, collards.  But venture out into shrimp and grit land if you have never had them because they are wonderful.  For more information and menu Click HERE for Mary Mac’s Tea Room. 

Southern B-B-Q  Now, if you are looking for some good ‘ol Southern BBQ FAT MATTS RIB SHACK is it.  Click HERE for location and directions.  People come from miles and miles just for a pulled pork sandwich, a little jazz and a beer.  Order a slab or half slap with cold slaw or pork beans and you have yourself a southern pig pickin’  This place is noted for it’s down home laid back atmosphere and people line up outside the door on a weekend night to get in an order.  Not to mention Fat Matt’s will ship an order overnight.  I’ve heard stories about people so addicted to Fatt Matt’s Ribs they’ll drive down from the Carolinas or further pack a few slabs in a cooler and then drive back to where ever. 

Southern B-B-Q Real Down Home Style  Ok so Fatt Matt’s is located in Atlanta.  For the more acquaint DEEP SOUTH B-B-Q “Fresh Air BBQ” speaks for itself.  Click HERE for more information.  This BBQ and tangy sauce is sooooo gooood!  The location is about an hour south of Atlanta in the woods but for the best you have to travel sometimes to remote locations.  But not to worry enjoy the drive and southern hospitality.  Places like this welcome everyone and don’t be surprised if passers by wave and greet you with a smile.   

There is more to come in the way of Everything ATL….Bon Appetite!!!!




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  2. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! Love the Dim Sum 🙂

    Let me know when you get to the Cajun and Creole restaurants. You can’t go wrong with Boudin, Boiled Crawfish, or Crawfish Etouffee.

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