Posted by: Amy Walsh | February 24, 2010

Portland, OR

One of my best friends, Natalie, went to Portland, Oregon.  She loved it so much…she stayed.   From reading her blog and seeing her beautiful pictures I see now why she didn’t come back.   I snagged a photo from her living photo gallery to share, hope you don’t mind Nat.  Her photos are featured in the book “Our Portland Story” due for print soon and she has had showings at “The Tribute Gallery.”    Also, coming soon her photos will be hanging at “Element Restaurant and Lounge.”   All mentioned locations are in Portland, Oregon.  Natalie’s photography illustrates beauty, heart and soul.  She captures Portland through the eyes of a person living an adventure in an enchanting city.    As a bonus, her photo’s are for purchase.  You can contact her on her blog site for more information. PortNatalia

I did a little additional research of my own to see what the local scene is all about.  Here’s what I found…

Portland, OR

Jazz – The Portland Jazz Festival, Feb. 21 -28, 2010 is coming up.  

Skiing – For the skiers out there Mt. Hood is the place to be.  With shuttle bus transportation called the “Greasebus,” that leaves from a place called the Voodoo Doughnut Too who wouldn’t be interested in this extravaganza.  At least check out the doughnuts…very very interesting.

Wine Tours – 19 wineries to choose from.  For a complete listing click here.

World Class Gardens – Portland’s gardens have even made The New York Times

Not limited to the above highlights Portland has a number of romantic bed and breakfast, a very diverse culture, hiking in mountainous terrain and much more.

Travel cost:  Airfare is around $200 round trip from ATL.  Hotel:  $79 – $100/night.  Pretty economical.



  1. Awwwwwww, schucks. You made me blush. What a beautiful write-up on me and P-town. Thank you so much.

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