Posted by: Amy Walsh | February 23, 2010

New York, NY

What’s not great about New York City.  I just checked the airfare and for about $188 + tax Spirit Airlines has the best round trip deal from ATL to New York -all airports (as of 02.23.2010)  and there are plenty of available dates for the next couple of months. 

New York in the Spring is breathtaking.  Warm weather, beautiful sites, great dinning, culture, and awesome shopping.   NYC Fashion Week is Feb 11-18, 2010.  If you missed it…here are the “5 Biggest Trends from Fashion Week.”    There was a Leg Warmers (remember those from the 80’s) trend sighting too.

The list below is linked to the official site so just click on the destination to find out more.

I could go on and on…  For more information visit the New York Trip Advisor…click here.

One thing to note about New York City is that there is a LOT to see and do so to get the most out of your travel and $$$ plan ahead.  Try to plan your activities by location and sites in the area.    The Interactive Map above is helpful.  You can check the category box, let’s say,  for sites and use the drop down field to pick sites you are interested in and it highlights the site on the map for you. 

I been to NYC  5 times so far, winter, spring and fall and I must say spring was my favorite.  New York is  relatively easy to get around all you need is a street map and access to the subway.  The biggest expense is the eating out, unless you are like me and love eating street vendor hot dogs at $2 each.  The best hotel deal I found and location is key to NYC travel was at The Carnegie Hotel which is about a block from Central Park and across from a subway station. 

If your in NYC at the right time and place and want to drop in on the local scene a friend of mine host one of the underground supper clubs.  For a small fee you receive a 5 course chef prepared dinner, mingle with New Yorker’s, even though she’s from Atlanta, and other travelers from all over.  For more information visit…One Big Table.  Also, read other articles published about One Big Table and interview with Heather Cahill founder of One Big Table.

If you love fashion, New York’s fashion week is in Feburary.  For the upcoming venues click  Fashion Week info.  

One more thing about NY is… remember that it is the city that doesn’t sleep so be prepared for 24 hour adventure!

Happy and Safe Travels,



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